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  • Arakos: The Eighth Age


    A dark shadow stretches over Arakos. The Dark Power has been released from its prison and the people of the besieged island nation stand divided. Those that swear allegiance to the Light stand for life and hope and would bring salvation to a troubled land. But the numbers of those that follow the Dark Power grow ever more numerous day by day as despair fills the hearts of mankind.

    In times of need one must step forward to restore the Light. Naomi, warrior princess and defender of Arakos, is the chosen child. With the help of brave allies the beautiful young girl has sworn to usher in the Eighth Age, an age free of uncertainty and fear.

    Make your choice and swear allegiance for the future will not wait.

    Compatible with all d20 Anime SRD products.

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    Posted in Arakos, OGL/d20/d20 Modern
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