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  • Cityscape: City on the Nexus of the Omniverse


    From the depths of our vaults, Battlefield Press presents its now out of print first product: Cityscape. While preparing a revised second edition (for use with 3.5) we thought that we would release this PDF for those who have not yet experienced our flagship setting of The City.

    It exists inside of time and space. It is every time and every place at once. It is anchored in a sea of realities battling to assert themselves as the one true reality. Welcome to The City, the core of everything, the center of the Omniverse. Here, in a unique fluid and ever-changing role-playing game setting, mages and knights walk streets of lead and aluminum. Space-faring adventurers haggle with fantastic creatures over the price of rare gems. Cybernetic rogues hack into computer systems to get access to a temple’s archives. The dead walk again as winged creatures descend from islands in the sky to learn from the most learned scholars. Steam-powered vehicles travel through the most difficult terrain, carrying gargoyles and aliens together to their final destination. Everything that can be, is, in The City. The gates stand open awaiting new visitors. Dare you venture inside?

    This game is unaltered from its original print run, so check out our online errata at www.battlefieldpress.com/download.htm. Take your d20 games to the edge of the Omniverse and beyond with Cityscape.

    This product contains no cover in the pdf.

    This product is a Classic 3.0 product, and has NOT been updated to the 3.5 revision

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