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    Battlefield Press is proud to present the first step in the return of this classic adventure game of urban fantasy: Legacy: War of Ages. Originally created in the 90s, Legacy is a game where players play immortals in a dark, modern world gone mad. This Basic edition of the classic game features a streamlined version of the setting but all of the robust rules that will allow for hours and hours of play in a modern world of magic, passion and intrigue.

    From the original book:

    “Within these pages is the framework of a great epic, a sweeping drama of courage and passion, of loneliness and despair. All that is required to weave this great story is you and a few of your friends (a few “props” help, but we will get into that later). Through portraying the character of an “Immortal,” you will fashion tales to rival those of Ovid or Shakespeare. Tales of tragedy and sacrifice. Sagas of heroism and triumph. Myths of love, loss, and revenge. And above all, a grand adventure.

    “Once you seize upon the idea of role-playing, it will consume your imagination. At its best, role-playing stirs the creative part of your soul like the finest literature. Even a mediocre game will shine compared to sitting passively in front of the television. In this role-playing game, the vehicle for your imagination is the Immortal. In Legacy: War of Ages, you portray an Immortal living in the Techno-Gothic environment of the United States of America in the early twenty-first century. This is not the only setting open to you: Immortals have been living among us since before the beginning of recorded history, and any epoch from the distant past or far future could as easily be the scene for the intense and poignant struggles of Immortals.

    “Immortals are like you and me, in that they are born of man and woman, eat, live, and grow. Immortals feel all that you feel, all the pleasure and pain that is the human experience. But Immortals cannot die. Whatever is it that gives us life, that makes us somehow separate from rocks, wind, and water, Immortals have it in great abundance. Immortals do not suffer from diseases, they do not grow old, and they cannot be killed through common means. But this gift of eternal life, the greatest gift of all, is also a curse. In a normal human lifetime there is pain aplenty, but eventually the end comes and we are granted rest. For an Immortal, there is no rest or reprieve from the pain of living. The Immortal is cursed to watch forever as all she loves withers and dies.

    “Playing Legacy: War of Ages is intended to be recreational and amusing, an enjoyable diversion for an afternoon with friends. Yet at the heart of the light there is the shadow of darkness, for to be an Immortal is to face the fleeting nature of life and laughter. To play Legacy is to realize that no love, no joy, no life will last forever, and that the end may be as near as the next heartbeat.”

    This re-release of the classic version of Legacy is the first step in Battlefield Press’ plans to bring this great game of urban fantasy to the forefront of adventure gaming. Coming soon there will be versions of this great game for other popular rule sets and eventually a new edition that revamps and reimagines this classic game of urban fantasy for a new generation of gamers.

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