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    Looking for new races for your First Edition games, then here you go with two additional races, the Ratling and the Wildling. They are mortal enemies, and typcially live in parks or sewers of major metropolitan areas. They are cute and deadly, but you probably wouldnt want to friend either one.

    Ratlings are a race of rats that achieved sentience once upon a time ago, they favor sewers. Wildlings are children that never grew up and take to the streets for adventure, living in large parks. Both are skilled pickpockets and thieves, some even have a talent for magic.

    Welcome to our first foray into race desgin for the First Edition game, if you like it let us know. If you dont, please let us know that too so that we may improve this product and future ones.

    * Four pages of race information, the rest is cover, copyright and OGL (totalling nine pages).

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    Posted in OGL/d20/d20 Modern
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