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    From the author that brought you the Windover Tapes — comes a trilogy about war and loss…

    The Double Spiral War

    The Double Spiral War, Warren Norwood’s chronicle of interstellar combat is a powerful, graphically realistic epic on a vast cosmic scale.

    When mankind left behind their old home to seek out new lands beyond the dark spaces between galaxies, they hoped to leave behind them the conflict and chaos that has been their heritage since they first spoke tales of their histories.  However, it wasn’t as easy as that. Even amongst alien species, mankind still found cause to war amongst itself. Several decades before, the Sondak Confederacy worried about the growing power of the United Central Systems, a group dominated by humans genetically modified to have a much longer life span.  As a result, they launched a war that waged for years tearing at both societies until finally they forced the U.C.S. to accept humiliating terms in exchange for peace. The Sondak Confederacy is complacent and unaware that the U.C.S. is on the verge of finally seeking vengeance for the loss of the previous war.  And in the churning wake of these two giants, all the races of the galaxy and the lives of many individuals shall be turned upside down.  But the question is whose vengeance is being sought? Is it that of a nation’s or could it be that of a single person?

    This omnibus contains all three novels of the original trilogy – Midway Between, Polar Fleet & Final Command – all in one complete volume. This version has been edited and reformatted for your convenience.

    About Midway Between:

    Strategically located between the U.C.S. and Sondak, the Mathews System commanded space for a hundred-thousand parsecs in all directions. It was here, in the opening campaigns of the war, which two old enemies met once again in a deadly dance of maneuver and counterstrike. And it was here that two young lovers were torn apart by the bitter winds of war….

    About Polar Fleet:

    Ravaged by a devastating battle at the Mathews System, the forces of the Sondak Confederacy regroup to repeal the onslaught of the United Central Systems at a world called Satterfield. While three alien races toy with the balance of power, two young lovers are reunited amid the horrors of battle, and a proud Admiral risks everything to turn the tide of war.

    About Final Command:

    Aided by its newly formed Polar Fleet the forces of the Sondak Confederacy have turned the tide of battle against the United Central Systems. Now as an alien alliance alters the odds, Sondak’s brilliant, ruthless commander launches a brutal last-ditch offensive to snatch victory from the jaws of imminent defeat.

    Praise for the Double Spiral War:

    “Grimly exciting…It conveys a sense of a future and of other worlds that are different from anything we know here and now.” – Poul Anderson (1986, from the cover of the original printing of Final Command)

    This zip file contains the epub, mobi and pdf files for your convenience.

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