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  • Swords & Wizardry – Field Guide to the City of Clocks

    S&W City of Clocks

    S&W City of Clocks

    The City of Clocks is a shining beacon of civilization in a world long left to the wild, once home to the ancient races known as the Luminaries and still studded with their bizarre and unknowable technology. It is home to a teeming throng of two million souls; most are human but the City is also home to Constructs, ancient servants of the long-dead Luminaries; Geks, insectoid savants; and Sentenni, desert dwellers who claim a common heritage with humanity. Each of these races bring their own stories and history to the City. Home to all walks of life, from the obscenely rich to the horrifyingly poor, the city is a bastion of culture, art, science, knowledge, and freedom — or so the propaganda of the Parliament would have you believe. The truth is very different.

    In this Field Guide for the Swords & Wizardry game engine, you now can take your characters to a new place. This guide includes material on races and classes usable in the City of Clocks

    Requires the Sword & Wizardry rules and the City of Clocks core to use effectively.

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    Posted in City of Clocks, Swords and Wizardry
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