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  • About Battlefield Press, Inc.

    Why did this company get started?

    Battlefield Press, Inc. began as a way to help good writers to have their products circulated out into the market. Many products are out there that most companies don’t see because they are not willing to take the risk on an unknown, but here at Battlefield Press, Inc. we are willing to at the least look at your submission. There is no guarantee that we will publish your work. We might already have something like it in the planning stages.

    About Jonathan M. Thompson

    Jonathan M. Thompson began his gaming career in 1980 with friends at his elementary school as a way to eliminate the boredom that was called the lunch break. Interested in many genres and systems owning at this time more than fifty individual core systems (which doesn’t count supplemental material for those systems). He is the author of Cityscape: Corporate SupersEric Flint’s 1632 Role Playing GameTrius Fantasy Campaign Setting also a contributor to Eden Studios Waysides: Book of Inns and Taverns and the Sean K. Reynolds project Hungry Little Monsters. He also co-authored the book Cityscape: City on the Nexus of the Omniverse with B. L. Sisemore and the Luftwaffe 1946 Role Playing Game with Michael Scott. Jonathan currently resides in Shreveport, Louisiana with his twelve year old son and a room full of gaming material.

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