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    Swords & Wizardry – Field Guide to the City of Clocks

    S&W City of Clocks

    The City of Clocks is a shining beacon of civilization in a world long left to the wild, once home to the ancient races known as the Luminaries and still studded with their bizarre and unknowable technology. It is home to a

    Posted in City of Clocks, Swords and Wizardry

    Pulp Fantastic

    Pulp Fantastic

    In the years after the Great War dawns a new age of heroic adventure! From the gleaming spires of the big city, to the steaming jungles of Skull Island, brave men and women fight the forces of evil, carving their

    Posted in Games, Pulp Fantasy, Vortex

    Double Spiral War

    Double Spiral War - Savage Worlds

    The Double Spiral War, Warren Norwood’s chronicle of interstellar combat is a powerful, graphically realistic epic on a vast cosmic scale. When mankind left behind their old home to seek out new lands beyond the dark spaces between galaxies, they

    Posted in Double Spiral War, Games, Savage Worlds

    Welcome back

    Right, think that’s that sorted out.  There’ll probably be a few changes over the days and weeks to come as Battlefield Press settles in to it’s new home here.  Purchase links for RPGNow, Chronicle City and Lulu are in place

    Posted in News

    Open Anime


    The Open Core System returns with a new multi genre game that supports all your favorite Manga and Anime. Open Anime is effects-based to help you create that ‘perfect’ character using attributes, skills, abilities, and disabilities. Open Anime is ‘classless,’

    Posted in Open Core, Open Core

    Gaslight Character Sheet – Savage Worlds


    The official character sheet for the Savage Worlds edition of Gaslight Victorian Fantasy

    Posted in Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, Savage Worlds

    Gaslight Character Sheet – OGL


    This is the official character sheet for the OGL version of the Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy RPG

    Posted in Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, OGL/d20/d20 Modern

    Gaslight Map Pack


    A map pack for use with Gaslight Victorian Fantasy

    Posted in Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, Systemless

    Gaslight Calendar Pack


    A calender pack for the year 1888 for use with the Gaslight Victorian Fantasy RPG. This book has no cover.

    Posted in Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, Systemless

    Beyond Mortal Men


    This is the first in our set of Variant rules for the Action! System, and the Action! System Core Rulebook is required to make use of this book. With the Action! System Core Rules, and these power creation rules you

    Posted in Action!
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