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    Eldritch Skies


    ENNIE Judges Spotlight 2013 Winner It is 2030. The Gilman-Hawking drive has given us access to the stars. But we are not alone. They’re out there: aliens, gods and monsters. They’re also down here. The Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition found the

    Posted in Eldritch Skies, Savage Worlds

    Eldritch Skies – Character Sheet


    Downloadable character sheet for the Eldritch Skies Role Playing Game Please note that this character sheet is for the Unisystem edition of the game.  A new character sheet for Savage Worlds will be along soon.

    Posted in Eldritch Skies, Unisystem

    Distant Vistas


    Picking up where the Eldritch Skies Rulebook left off, Distant Vistas expands the universe with new options and new additions. Covering such topics as mining, to exploring strange new systems, between these covers are mysteries that reach to the very

    Posted in Eldritch Skies, Savage Worlds
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