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    Gaslight Character Sheet – OGL


    This is the official character sheet for the OGL version of the Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy RPG

    Posted in Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, OGL/d20/d20 Modern

    Rocket Rangers: King of the Rocket Men


    Welcome to the Vega system. Tyrannical aliens from a world much like our own have conquered the majority of the system. Using the mysterious element 122, which can be refined from ordinary sea water and which powered their spaceships in

    Posted in OGL/d20/d20 Modern, Rocket Rangers

    Ratlings & Wildlings


    Looking for new races for your First Edition games, then here you go with two additional races, the Ratling and the Wildling. They are mortal enemies, and typcially live in parks or sewers of major metropolitan areas. They are cute

    Posted in OGL/d20/d20 Modern

    Pulp Fantasy


    Battlefield Press, Inc presents the long awaited Pulp Fantasy book for d20 Modern. Stop a mad scientist, working for the Nazis, who’s developed a new weapon that could change the tide of the War. Hunt the forests on the moons

    Posted in OGL/d20/d20 Modern, Pulp Fantasy

    Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, 2nd Edition (OGL)


    Battlefield Press, Inc presents Gaslight. A Victorian Fantasy where technology meets sorcery, where fantasy meets history. A world where Humans co-exist with Vampires, where fantasy meets history. Beast Men, Werewolves and Wildlings. A land of secret organizations and hidden agendas.

    Posted in Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy, OGL/d20/d20 Modern

    Cityscape: City on the Nexus of the Omniverse


    From the depths of our vaults, Battlefield Press presents its now out of print first product: Cityscape. While preparing a revised second edition (for use with 3.5) we thought that we would release this PDF for those who have not

    Posted in OGL/d20/d20 Modern

    Arakos: The Eighth Age


    A dark shadow stretches over Arakos. The Dark Power has been released from its prison and the people of the besieged island nation stand divided. Those that swear allegiance to the Light stand for life and hope and would bring

    Posted in Arakos, OGL/d20/d20 Modern
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